My Week in Comics: August 5, 2011

I love me some ladies, and it seems my week in comics agrees with me! So what did I get myself into this week? Step up, hunker down and start reading to find out!

X-23 #13 sees Laura going back to New York to search for clues to her past. Just in time, because a malevolent being is about to make The Big Apple's his deadly playground!

A sorta weird issue IMO, but maybe that's because the Future Foundation (formerly the Fantastic Four) makes a cameo in this ish. I always seem to break out into hives when those low-key books dip back into the main Marvel U. At least X-23 and Spidey's interaction is sorta kinda cute, but Marjorie Liu just used up her allotted pages to set up a new big bad for Laura to confront, and not much else. To be continued, indeed. At least Phil Noto's art is nice, and that's all I can say about that. This one's a 2.5 out of 5.

After falling out with her coach last issue, Mill Collins is swept off her feet by handsome coach/agent Cal. But is there something her new boy toy isn't telling her? And will Mill Collins ever prove she's got what it takes to be a tennis pro? 15 Love #3, which came out this week, has all the answers.

I just realized my buying of 15 Love amounted to very expensive curiosity. It's a story that's been on bank for years, which they decided to release as three double-sized issues instead of a graphic novel. The wait between months didn't hurt, at least Andi Watson made sure the drama was interesting enough to make you come back for more. I feel sorry for Mill here, surrounded by vested interests who didn't make a difference one iota on her training to be a better tennis player. It did show that Mill had the drive within her, and that she only had to believe in herself to let it all out.

Pretty inspiring stuff. The focus, though, was all over the place. I didn't have time to care about a plot point when a new one crops up in its place. It just feels a bit rushed. At least Tommy Ohtsuka did a great job making Austen's script exciting visually.

It was fun while it lasted. 15 Love may not be remembered for much, but if you're into tennis mixed with a little bit of high school drama, this is as good as it will get. This gets a 3 out of 5.

As far as fanservice is concerned, SuicideGirls #4 delivers. Just when you think it couldn't get any crazier, or naked-er, the final issue of this mini-series just lets it all out in one all-out rescue mission that lives up to their name!

What can I say? I love nicely drawn chicks kicking ass, and this book delivers on that aspect. Sure, the rest of the book doesn't make a lick of sense once you think about it too much...but then again, you're reading a comic that's got naked, pierced and tattooed girls engaging cyborgs and maniacal cult leaders in fisticuffs. Series writer Brea Grant rolled with the concept, and I appreciate her giving us at least a few surprises that might have made me go WTF, but got me glued to the page nonetheless.

Oh man, what am I saying? This is teetering towards the 'turn off your brain' category, a term I absolutely abhor with all of my heart! But look past that, and it's a satisfying finale to a pretty simple story, made more awesome by David Hahn on art. Every page is sexy, tongue-in-cheek and well-drawn. Best looking book this week.

It feels weird saying this, but this book was having fun. Crazy, beautifully drawn fun, but fun nonetheless. This is a neat and quick ending to a mini-series that defied expectations, just like the girls the book's named after. This is a 4 out of 5.

Another week saved by half-naked women with piercings! Agree? Disagree? Want to connect with the other guy who bought an issue of 15 Love? Leave me a comment and let's talk about it! Thanks for reading!

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