Samsung Smart TV is Awesome! (Part 1)

At Iblog7, the good people at Samsung showed off their newest TV, the Samsung Smart TV. It's huge, it's beautiful, and from the looks of it, I can do a ton of things with it! So in the next few, days I'll be posting the many wonderful things I could do with a TV like the Samsung Smart TV.

Let's start off with one mind-blowing fact: the Samsung Smart TV has its own apps that you can download via Samsung's own TV Apps store.

You heard me. Apps. It's insane. It's that kind of technology that really resonates with me. I could download games to my TV and play with my pamangkins (earning cred as coolest tito ever). I could put Youtube in and watch Ask a Ninja and Charlie the Unicorn vids in full HD. I could talk to my friends via Skype. Very Star Trek!

TV isn't just television anymore. While regular TV is building card castles alone, the Samsung Smart TV is kicking back with his friends playing fighting games in his own arcade room-slash-juice bar. While bikini-clad babes are dancing to Black and Yellow.  That's just how he rolls.

Can you imagine it? Me neither. That's why I hope I win one in the Samsung Smart TV Promo! Check back here at Behold the Geek! to learn about the many, many wonderful things I can do with a TV this smart. Thanks for reading!

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  1. wow! good to learn they introduced the Smart TV at iBlog. i'm also excited as well - particularly the social aspect of it. although the lack of Bluetooth is one setback - i hope they could integrate it as well.

    if you may, please check my initial review on my blog too:

  2. Welcome to the blog, Ion! Yeah, the Smart TV is redefining TV as a social activity like you won't believe. :)