My Week in Comics: March 25, 2011

It's Friday, which means its time for the most verbose comic reviews around! What have I gotten myself into this week? Read on to find out!

Rick Remender's gone Deathlok-crazy in Uncanny X-Force #6, as Fantomex and Deathlok kick loads of cyborg zombie ass while finding a way to rescue the World from their (literally) cold, dead hands!

It's a good thing I appreciate some good old-fashioned comic book fisticuffs, because this issue is basically an excuse to show Fantomex beating the living hell out of Deathlok'd versions of Marvel's heroes for a good half of the book, adding to the list of awesome Fantomex moments to date. Sure we also get some small but important character moments from Psylocke, Deadpool and others, as well as some backstory as to why there are Deathlok clones running around in the first place, but that's just the icing on one delicious cake. Add Esad Ribic's dynamic fight scenes and some of the most creative Deathlok designs I've seen (Swiss-knife Wolverine, anyone?) and you get a book that's worthy of a 4 out of 5.

Ten issues in, and The Sixth Gun is still bringing the awesome into my week. I'm still mad at missing issue 9, but The Sixth Gun #10 is just as enjoyable with or without it, which speaks volumes at just how damn well written it is. As multiple forces seek the Six cursed guns for their own ends, Drake Sinclair is in a race to find Becky before a sinister and otherworldly creature finds them first!

I really loved this issue, especially how Cullen Bunn is building up the Six as a threat bigger than anyone can ever imagine. His dialogue is as always compelling and real, and you really feel for Becky as she comes to grips with Hale's betrayal. No lengthy exposition here, no TL;DR, it's Bunn letting the characters tell the story for him, letting them say what needs to be said.

The art is also top-notch, with Brian Hurtt just knocking it out of the park with the details, the visual cues, and the entire setting of The Sixth Gun. He can draw anything, from smoky apparitions to frightening beasts to entire blocks of old-school New Orleans. Together with Bunn's storytelling, makes this book a steal at $4/Php200.

Bottom line is, if you haven't been picking this book up, you are seriously missing out on what is undoubtedly the best-written comic around. This gets a 4 out of 5.

Wow. Two of my favorite books continuing to be awesome. It's a good week! As I hope your week in comics is too!

Comments? Violent reactions? Want to say sorry for not reading The Sixth Gun yet? Leave me a comment below and let's talk about it. Thanks for reading!

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