What kind of comic book fan am I?

I've met my share of comic book fans in the net and in real life. My experiences run the gamut from the casuals to the die-hard collect-every-issue kind, from the normal people to the just plain weird.

And I just realized I'm the weirdest comic book fan I've ever met.

Why? It seems I can't quite place myself in the world of comic books. I can't decide whether to be a casual observer or an elitist, or whether to laugh at cheesecake art or to discuss its merits, or even whether to keep a comic book bagged and boarded or not!

I swear by mainstream, cape n' tights kind of superhero comics, but I absolutely adore stuff like Stray Bullets, Wasted and The Sixth Gun, and I'm not afraid of picking up stuff from indie publishers I've never even heard before.

I freaking love cheesecake. Frank Cho is my personal god of art and I admit to owning full runs of Jungle Girl and Fathom. But then again...I also actively seek out strong female leads in my comics, and I bemoan the fact that Wonder Woman doesn't get the respect she deserves in her almost 70 years running around saving the world.

I get Joker boners seeing Batman kick perps in the face via Chris Sims, but I get just as giddy with the verbose comic book punditry of, say, the Hooded Utilitarian.

I walk the fine line between afficionado and wide-eyed fan, and I've never seen or met anyone like me. Am I alone here? I really hope not. I'd like to think I'm the kind of fan comic books shell out good money to chase after. I'm a little bit of everything!

So what's a comic book blogger got to do to stand out these days? Find out next week as we count down to the sixth anniversary of this bountiful blog, same Geek time, same Geek channel!

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  1. I'm looking forward to the countdown! Keep up the great work - your blog never fails to entertain.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Joseph :)