Glee S2 Ep 1: Now with more Charice!

You'll be seeing a lot of these posts now that Charice is on Glee, so deal with it!

Anyway, yeah. First episode of Glee S2. First time I've ever laid eyes on this series, and I admit it's pretty exciting to watch but oh my god you guys, Charice in glasses and ponytails have got to be the cutest thing in the universe next to white kittens.

Charice on Glee
Pretty bummed by the ending, and Charice's arm swinging in her mind-blowing solo could have been turned down a notch...or three. But it feels pretty good to see her on Glee. What's in store for Charice next? Only time, and the next episode (she better be there!) will tell.

Still...dem glasses, man!

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