It's awesome to hear stories like this. Tonic reports that since the summer of 2009, Pittsburgh's residents have been "the recipients of kindness from someone they didn't know." The gifts of kindness range from roll of quarters in laundromats to gift cards left behind for other people to find, that sort of thing. The only hint to the good person's identity was the card they leave behind that reads "Secret Agent L: All-Around Swell Chick — Specializing in Anonymous Acts of Kindness and Day-Brightening." It reads like an inspirational comic book story!

And now, the anonymous kind person has revealed her identity in a fundraiser recently. Read more about it here.

I love stories like these. Random acts of kindness is what the world often needs, and you don't even need to have superpowers to do it! It almost put my faith back in humanity...almost!

Secret Agent L has my support!

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