Charice Live! is AWESOME!

I know it seems weird to post an event like this here in Behold the Geek!, but then again, we are talking about a blog that looks at all things ‘comic’ and ‘awesome’.

And Charice Pempengco is awesome.

And so there I was at Charice Live!, Charice’s concert series to promote her self-titled debut album. Thanks to the beautiful Ms. Tefel and Ms. Joan of Eastwood Mall, I was able to get a front row seat to what was sure to be an explosive performance by Charice at the Eastwood Mall Open Park!

It looked bleak, to be honest, when a sudden heavy downpour of rain happened more than an hour before her scheduled performance. The chairs were soaked, some of the equipment had to be evacuated from watery hell, and I was afraid they would have to cancel the event. Thankfully, it was just a passing, temporary annoyance, and the events team took control of the situation and made sure come hell or high water, Charice will be there!

After what seemed like eternity of waiting, I finally took my seat near the stage. For the opening act, Fil-Australian singer Chris Cayzer came to the stage and crooned some acoustic hits for the welcoming crowd. I don’t know him but damn if he didn’t make the girls swoon the moment he played that guitar!

Charice Live Eastwood Mall
Then at last, the moment of truth! Charice comes onto the stage singing, her voice more powerful than the roar of the adoring crowd!

Allow me a moment of weakness here, as I’ve been a big fan of Charice for some time, but to see her this close, listening to her sing in person, was enough to set my dignity switch to ‘off’ and I just let myself get carried away in a wave of emotional giddiness.

Charice Live Eastwood Mall
She sang some of her original songs, a smashing rendition of Beyonce’s "Halo", and even that Bieber song “Baby”. That’s cool in and of itself until it crossed awesome territory when Charice started rapping Ludacris’ lines herself! Not only can she belt out a mean tune, she can spit rhymes just as great!

Charice Live Eastwood Mall
She’s done her last set, or at least it looks that way. She looks to the crowd and asks, “Wait, may nakalimutan ba ‘kong kantahin?” At that moment the crowd goes wild clamoring for that one last song, the song that put her on the Billboard charts…

And she gives it to us.

It was unbelievable. People sang along, throwing up ‘pyramid signs’ all over the place, all the while Charice performed the only way she knew how: splendidly. "Pyramid" capped off one unforgettable night.

Charice Live Eastwood MallCharice Live Eastwood Mall
The most talented girl in the world? Some people may dispute that. But on that Saturday night, hearing that powerful voice singing like it's never sung before, no one can deny that the girl has talent, period, full stop.

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  1. i believe it
    tottaly believe it...
    hearing her not from live event can give me a goosebump
    then what will happen when I hear her sinnging so close...?
    gosh, i can't imagine it
    she's so AMAZING Guys