My Week in Comics: June 25, 2010

Pirates and nightmares and magicians, oh my! It's another My Week in Comics, the most verbose comic reviews around! If ever there's a reason to defect to DC, it's this week's comics! Let's see what I got myself into!

Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #3 picks up where the last issue left off, with Bruce shunted into the Golden Age of Piracy, with none other than ol' Blackbeard for company. Since pirates are programmed to search for treasure no matter how ludicrously difficult it takes, Bruce has no choice but to escort his new found 'friends' on a wild treasure hunt...but will they survive long enough to find what they're looking for?

I would just like to point out that despite the kick-ass Bat-pirate on the cover, Bruce doesn't wear anything remotely close to it in this ish. Instead, Bruce becomes the Jim Hawkins to Blackbeard's Long John Silver, trying to pick up the pieces of his shattered memory as they go on a meandering walk in search of treasure.

It's a bit disappointing to know that there's not much Bat-buccaneering going on in this issue. Sure it's crazy, it's fun, and in the end it's got Batman fighting Black-freaking-beard one on one while the rest of his crew get picked off with the early prototype of the batarang, but I was expecting something more off-the-wall crazy coming from a book penned by Grant Morrison. Never thought he had it in him to dial it down (way, way down) to let the good stuff simmer until well done.

Good thing they've got Yanick Paquette on pencils, as I've always loved his work. His crisp and clean style makes this book an enjoyable read-through, despite the slow and steady build up. Here's hoping the next issue brings the Red Bull, as I'm afraid I'm falling asleep at the proverbial wheel. This one's a 3 out of 5.

Zatanna continues to impress with her sophomore issue, as Brother Night decides to get a little payback in the one place Z is most vulnerable: her dreams!

With the rest of her comic book peers either wallowing in misery, seeking refuge in mediocrity, or ripping off other people's faces, Zatanna manages to use the one formula the comic book industry seems to forget to use often: good ol' fashioned comic book fun. Zatanna is not just a mistress of magic, she's a showman as well, which makes for an magically action-packed comic. Also, without being tied into any event or bogged down by years of continuity, a newbie could pick this up and enjoy it as is. And boy, will he enjoy it!

And the art? Stephane Roux knocks it out of the park and into outer space with this one, as he lets loose in the terrifying dream sequences our heroine finds herself in. It's just awesome to look at, as Roux can draw anything: nightmarish visions, extreme reactions, ugly demons and beautiful women, with emphasis on the beautiful. I'm slowly falling in love with Zatanna, and it's all Stephane Roux's fault.

The first issue did it's job hooking me in, and this second issue tops that by being a solid, fun read. Before you know it, you're reeled in for number 3. This book is a 4 out of 5. Do yourself a favor. Pick this book up (and the first issue, while you're at it), and treat yourself to a good comic book now.

That's it for my week in comics. If you've got any questions, violent reactions, or just want to commend my good taste in comics, drop a comment below and let's talk about it! Thanks for reading.

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