Thor and Captain America Movie Costumes Revealed!

The 'Net's a-buzzin', and it's not because of shitty Wi-Fi. Behold, 'leaked' pictures of movie costumes for First Avenger: Captain America and Thor!

Captain America movie costumeThor movie costume
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I say "leaked" since it's obviously CG concept art and there's no confirmation that these are real (at least, as far as official press releases are concerned), but from the previously leaked pics and hinted descriptions of the said costumes, the final designs seem to be on the dot.

Setting aside the fanboy in me, for the most part I think these are great designs. I could probably live without Cap's 'ear wings', but Thor to me is pretty iffy. Like I said in my Facebook page, the monotonous color scheme of his pants and body armor makes it look like he's wearing a tux. I hope they don't expect the god of thunder to look like he's running around in Sunday slacks.

So what do you think? Do these leaked designs make you salivate for the upcoming Thor and Captain America movies more or not? Hit the comments!

Source: AIGN and ScreenRant

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