A Sci-Fi a Day is Everyday Awesome!

Just discovered this via Newsarama. A whole portal of sci-fi webcomics for your viewing pleasure! Yay for new reading material!

It's called Space Dock 7, a webcomic initiative launched just this week that boasts of a stable of seven imaginative sci-fi webcomics, one for each day of the week. I'm liking what I've seen so far (Escape from Planet Nowhere and Dimension Dust in particular were bookmarked so hard.), and based on the names attached to each of the webcomics (Grant Gould is here! Yay!), it's going to be awesome. I love sci-fi comics, and if they're as great and as awesomely illustrated as these, expect me to keep coming back every single day.

Check out their site for the links, as well as news and extras! Remember, it's http://www.spacedock7.com!

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