It's A Good Day to be a Comic Book Fan!

If there's one good thing to come out of May 1 aside from Labor Day rallies and transport strikes, it's Free Comic Book Day!

If you're a comic fan and happen to be in the vicinity of Mega Manila, I highly suggest you get your ass to to Comic Odyssey and Planet X Comics tomorrow (that's Saturday to the calendar-impaired like me) to partake in the glow of Free Comic Book Day! Grab your non-comic book reading friends and be there bright and early to settle down with some awesome free comics from Marvel, DC, Radical, Image and more!

Oh, and guys like Leinil Yu, Ed Tadeo and Gerry Alanguilan will be in Comic Odyssey to draw and sign stuff. And did I mention both stores will be having a big-ass sale of everything you see in their store (aside from the salespeople and the cash registers, of course)?

Heck, Planet X is already leading the charge by charging just 50 pesos for every single comic in their back issue bin until May 1. My brain is bleeding from the sheer craziness of it all. It's a good day to be a comic book fan tomorrow!

Oh yeah, and tomorrow is the start of Read a Comic Book in Public Week! Basically it's a week of celebrating and getting the good word out for comic books by reading them in public. So don't be ashamed of your hobby and break out those trades and floppies, sit down in a park or in a bus or in your office lobby and spend your free time reading comic books! I know I will! Visit their Facebook fanpage for more info, and help out. Banzai Girl will get a lot of reading from me this week!

Anyway, see you guys at Robinson's Galleria and Glorietta 4 tomorrow for Free Comic Book Day 2010! It's gonna be awesome!

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