Webcomics I Love: Dresden Codak

Webcomics by nature are the very essence of fleeting entertainment, done-in-one shots of funny or awesome that you can take a quick glance for a pick-me-up and then move on to more important stuff, like doing that article your boss needs by 4pm. It's rare to see a webcomic that dares to do more with the medium, and that's exactly what this crazy dude did when he created Dresden Codak.

Dresden Codak is the brainchild of one Aaron Diaz, and it's a smorgasboard of webcomic goodness. I absolutely love this to bits. The art is simple but whimsically and beautifully rendered, and the stories deal with themes like transhumanism and Jungian concepts without boring you out of your skulls. Hell, where can you find philosophical themes illustrated to the tune of a tabletop RPG session?

It sounds deep, I know, and it is. But if webcomics that tackle abstract concepts like memories, love and loneliness in beautifully drawn webcomics isn't your cup of tea, then by God Dresden Codak will make it so.

Enough prattling. Check out Dresden Codak now!

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