Webcomics I Love: Happle Tea

Well what do you know? It's Wednesday! The middle of the week between dreaded Mondays and sweet salvation of weekends. And do you know of a better way to spend a Wednesday than to read up on some webcomics? I don't!

This one was suggested by my best buddy at The Killah Kamikaze Blog, and it has just enough amounts of insane AND win to keep readers happy. I'm talking about Happle Tea (http://happletea.com)

Happle Tea
Happle Tea is the crazy brainchild of one Scott Maynard and is touted to be "the only comic that excoriates religion, pop culture, and politics while, at the same time, lauding the world of cryptozoology." I don't know what the hell he means by that, but I don't particularly care, since the main character has a sasquatch for a best buddy and what appears to be God dressed up as a cute, foul-mouthed kitty. Madness.

Check it out for yourselves, fellow geeks. There's no cuter way to kill time than downing a tall glass of Happle Tea.

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