Coming Soon: Blackest Night Bling!

So it's been around for a while that, to coincide with the release of their latest mega-event Blackest Night, DC Comics gave away limited supplies of promotional Black Lantern rings to comic book shops with every sale of Blackest Night #1. I didn't pick up said book, so I don't know if our local comic shops like Comic Odyssey or Planet X Comics pulled through on that one.

Blackest Night Lantern Rings
But needless to say people enjoyed the hell out of owning a 3D manifestation of a Lantern ring that DC is going balls-out by releasing the entire spectrum of promotional Lantern rings (from the popular Green to Sinestro Yellow to Rage Red) starting in November in a promotional frenzy for the upcoming finale of Blackest Night. Everybody's gonna go ring-crazy come November!

...Or not, since I talked to the owner of Planet X Comics and he confirmed that they will reach our pearly shores this November, but they're neither free nor plentiful...because they'll be selling them for 50 Pesos (under $1) a pop! That sucks, since I'm such a cheap, miserly bastard, but then again they have DC's blessing to dispose them as they please. And it comes off cheaper for me that way, anyway. 500 Pesos for the entire set of rings, plus one or two more Greens or Blacks for your best buds? Effin' sold!

Man, I love it when comic companies do these little promotions, like when DC bagged those black mourning armbands with Superman #75 way back when. I wish more comic companies would do stuff like this. The possibilities are endless!

If I were you, I'd mark the hell out November on my calendar right now. I can't wait to have difficulty typing with so many Lantern rings on my fingers!

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