Return of The Geek

Wow, has it been a month already?

For those of you still around reading (like that one guy from Russia who seems to love this blog a lot...spasiba, comrade!), you may have noticed the steady, if not totally abrupt, decline in reading materials here at Behold The Geek!, and for that...

...I have no excuse.

I messed up.

The thing is, the gears of my life have suddenly shifted to overdrive, with work all of a sudden taking the wheel, and the obligations of an aging 20-something year old like weddings and the occasional baptism (Shit, I'm not in THAT kind of hurry!) slowly creeping up on me like never before.

And due to some hard times lately (as well as a smidgen of disillusionment in the comic book industry), I'm slowly easing off the throttle when it comes to....uh...comic books.

I know, *gasp!*, right? The people at Planet X Comics are probably pissed at me for still not picking up the fuckton of comics I still have in my file (I'll get them, I promise!). Which probably makes you wonder how the hell this blog is to survive without any (new) comics to blog about. I mean, it does say up top that I'm all about things 'comic and awesome'.

But have no fear, fellow geeks. I won't abandon this blog, nor will I let it dwindle. I'm brainstorming on some stuff to do and write as we speak, and me and my best friend's imaginary comic book company has started pre-prod on the story we've been working on for years, so it's all very exciting. But now that I've practically stopped picking up new comics, my weekly Week in Comics is going to take an extended hiatus. Anyway, I'm more of a toy collector these days, so I'll throw in some toy-related stuff for free. Oh, and also the prerequisite geeky stuff like chicks with glasses, conventions and the odd politically incorrect comic panel or two.

And yes, I know. I just apologized on the internet to people who probably don't give an askal's behind if I do. But it just feels good to know, you know?

So stand back folks, about twenty feet at least...I'm gonna start this baby back up!

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  1. Welcome back - you've been missed! Good luck with the major events going on in your life.


  2. Thanks, Joseph. Glad to know people are still reading! Enjoy the rest of the blog!