Toycon 2009 Megapost: Day 2

Continuing my coverage of the 8th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention (aka Toycon 2009), I came back on the second day to finally shop in peace, since I don't have to do anything for HERO TV today (I think). I came in at the unusually early 1130PM, and while the longest line in the world I had the honor of witnessing yesterday wasn't there anymore, the venue still had enough people to render the air conditioning useless.

I went to the HERO TV booth first, it being smackdab in front of the entrance, and found people happily snapping away with their cameras, posing with our life size Voltes V and Astro Boy statues.

Hero TV Booth Toycon 2009
Since it looks like it's gonna be a slow day, I decided to roam the rest of the convention floor to see if there was anything new. I checked out the gallery of toy photography again to take a closer look and what I saw where pretty awesome. Some of the entries are pretty awesome, and the Haruhi Suzumiya scene blasphemously reenacting the Last Supper cracked me up.

Toy Photography Toycon 2009Toy Photography Toycon 2009
There seemed to be more toys today than yesterday, or it's still the same and my lazy eye is playing tricks on me again. Still, there were more than enough toys to sell to every man, woman, child, pet chihuahua (there was one in the venue!) and man-child to play with.

Statues Toycon 2009
It was then that I found what I was looking for since yesterday...a Mikuru Asahina Figma! Would have wanted to complete the set and get Haruhi too, but I still have to look for that Yoko Revoltech!

It's really hard walking around a giant room full of toys with little money to'd wish you could buy everything. Seeing Theater Works' entire display of 12" Hot Toys, er, toys just made me openly weep.

Theater Works Toycon 2009Theater Works Toycon 2009
It was then that I noticed something I didn't notice yesterday...a separate conference hall full of toy and statue displays from members of Pinoy Toy Kolektors forum!

Here are some statues and busts by fatboystudios. It doesn't show it, but that Michael Jackson bust was literally sweating, like he just came out from the game of his life. That's too much realism for me, dawg.

fatboystudios Toycon 2009
I love dioramas, and this exhibit featured a huge one...I don't know what the diorama's about, but it's like Black Hawk Down with GI Joe figs, down to the miniature terrorists, great looking buildings, guns a-blazing and real sand!

Hell, there's even a small diorama of that memorable scene from The Ring, complete with miniature VHS tape and strobe lights!

Toycon 2009Toycon 2009
There weren't just toys in the ToyCon. There were the usual hats, clothes, statues and some pretty random bread with faces.

Breadou Toycon 2009
That was enough weirdness for me, so I went back to the HERO TV Booth, which by then was reduced to a ghost town. Nobody was coming in anymore, with people more interested in War Rock or looking at where Alodia last left a footprint. How do I turn this around?

Why, getting pretty cosplayers as unwilling booth girls, of course!

Two of my lovely members from the Hero TV Forums, dressed up in full cosplay, decided to help out, politely welcoming the people outside to take pictures inside our booth, without us even asking. Whaddaya know, it worked! A couple of minutes later, the place was packed! With a cute wink and a smile the girls managed to get even the most grizzled con-going veterans to take pictures next to Flash Bomba and Dragonna!

Hero TV Booth Toycon 2009Hero TV Booth Toycon 2009
Isn't that nice of them? Well, a few hours of padding our number of visitors for today and it was time to call it a day. ToyCon 2009 looked to be a huge success, despite the looming financial crisis hovering over everybody's wallets. People had fun, my friends had fun, I had's all good in the end.

And I didn't come home empty handed for once!

And that ends my coverage of the great ToyCon 2009. If you have any questions, comments, or just want to brag about all the swag you got when you were there, drop me a comment and let's talk about it! Thanks for reading!

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