Webcomics I Love: Rob and Elliot

It's another Wednesday here at Behold the Geek!, and you my loyal readers know what that means! It's time for another webcomic to love, and right now I'm loving a buddy comic that's been hitting the right notes to get a laugh out of me every time I read it: Rob and Elliot.

Rob and Elliot
It's got a smart guy (Elliot) and a dumb guy (Rob) who happens to be friends, with Elliot having to live with (and occasionally try to survive) Rob's shenanigans. But the fun lies in them still coming together to face such obstacles as office romance, inept burglars and drinking contests with a bunch of jocks. And have I mentioned they have an iMonkey with a playlist I'd actually agree with?

If all that sounds good to you, then click on the link and start loving Rob and Elliot already!

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