Webcomics I love: VGCats

You know you found a freakishly hilarious webcomic when you can describe it in just one word:

Okay, so that's not exactly a word, but how else can I describe the twisted humor only the sick marriage of cats and videogames can give? That's what Scott Ramsoomair did with VGCats (http://www.vgcats.com), another webcomic that's had me trippin' balls and busting my gut for weeks on end.

It's got sharp jabs at video games and video game culture that's too obscene and funny to describe here, so just visit Scott's site...but you better be sure you're not drinking, eating or otherwise doing anything with liquids in front of your keyboard, because it's funny as hell, and milk will squirt out an orifice, whether you like it or not.

That, and Leo's my favorite kind of moron.

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