My Week in Comics: November 28, 2008

My Week in Comics is a weekly look into my…uh…buying habits. Keep in mind that the reviews to be read here are not coming from a jaded, old comic book enthusiast but more of a wide-eyed fan of these monthly installments of yum or mush.

That's the funny thing about mega-comic book event tie ins: when a comic book ties in with an event, and their part is over, but the event itself isn't 'over' (like the upcoming final issue of Secret Invasion), the adventures that follow are automatically dated as post, meaning after the fact. So now we're seeing post-Secret Invasion comics coming out, showing a peachy-keen world after all the Skrull hullabaloo. Funny, right? Right. Now that I got that tangent out of the way, let's look at the new comics I got this week, and what I think about them!

Incredible Hercules #123 is still good, but I find it a bit lacking compared to the last few issues since Pak and Van Lente are slowin' things down here and setting the board up for the final brouhaha. We do get a nicely done, Marvel-version of the history of Atlantis however, and making the gods literal CEOs of 'Olympus Group' is classic (Ares as a company shareholder? Stop making me love him more!). As for the art, Clayton Henry is a god among long as you pair him up with decent inkers and colorists, as they do here. This one is a not-so-godly 7 out of 10.

Aside from Herc, Nova is one of the first guys out of the gate doing post-Secret Invasion stories already. In Nova #19, Abnett and Lanning are making the newly-discovered Nova Corpsmen look badass, but it comes off as cocky compared to the silent awesomeness of Richard Rider (which is kinda ironic, really). While I find rebuilding the Nova Corps to be interesting, I think its too early to tackle it seeing as we haven't really tested the limits of what the Nova Prime can do. That, and I want Rich bitch-slapping some cosmic dudes like Celestials and shit, dammit!

Anyhoo, Worldmind becoming a scheming snake deputizing left and right is an interesting turn of events. I guess he doesn't like being pushed around by Rich for the past dozen or so issues. The final few pages show just where Worldmind's plan is heading, and Rich isn't gonna like it. I don't have to either, but...yeah. I'll give this a 7 out of 10.

Oh Wonder Woman, how the mighty have fallen! But before that, the gods have come back from some trip I haven't read about, and they're pissed at what seems to be Darkseid having destroyed their home (and apparently used the throne room as a loo.).

Wondy's sparring partner in this week's Wonder Woman #26 comes in the form of Genocide, who's kinda like Doomsday. You know...violent, one-dimensional and tunnel-visioned to kick the ass of the JLA. Talks like Doomsday too. In a word: lame. The Secret Society of Supervillains are scraping the bottom of the barrel with this idea, and saying Satan inspired her creation doesn't help at all. But at least Genocide proves how tough she is by trussing up Wondy (probably brought back memories, right?) like some two-bit turkey, and stealing her lasso afterwards because she's really, really mean! This one's an easy 6 out of 10.

So what's the verdict? The winners didn't win as much as I liked, and the loser wasn't so bad as it was a bit uninspired. But as it is with comics, there's always next issue! And that's the eternal optimist talking!

Got any questions, comments or violent reactions? Hit my comment box with it for all the world to see! My Week in Comics is now up every Friday. Thanks for reading!

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