The Mighty Avengers Casting Call!

Because no one demanded it (except my geeky imagination), I present to you my totally unsolicited idea of an ideal cast for a Mighty Avengers movie!

Now, I know that Marvel plans to shake up their line up after Secret Invasion, but I say why bother? The line-up's pretty damn awesome as is. They've thrown down with Dr. Doom and Ultron, and have faced worldwide threats that would make a generic super wet their pants. Anyway, if you're into superhero action, or just want to geek out seeing your favorite comic characters on the big screen, The Mighty Avengers just might be the movie for you!

Yvonne Strahovski as MS. MARVEL
Carol Danvers is a soldier, a superhero, and a leader, so it’ll be a perfect fit for Yvonne Strahovski, who plays a sexy, tough-as-nails super spy in Chuck. And besides, there’s not a man in the world who wouldn’t want her to trade in her Wienerlicious outfit for Ms. Marvel’s superhero one-piece!

Robert Downey, Jr. as IRON MAN
‘Nuff said.

Batista as ARES
Ares is the God of War in the Marvel Universe, and his ruthlessness and thirst for battle knows no bounds. “The Animal” Batista is known for his aggression and godly physique in the WWE. Put two and two together and you get the perfect match for the Mighty Avengers’ resident god. And if your concerned on his acting chops, just remember that his job is to swing swords and axes and basically level the place…which if there was an award for it, Batista would get an Oscar, a Tony and an Emmy. Hands down.

Liv Tyler as WASP
For the Wasp, we need someone who can play up her fun-loving socialite aspect as well as her superhero status. Liv Tyler’s got the looks down pat, and as proven in her role as Arwen in Lord of the Rings, she can pull her own weight and kick as much ass as the rest of the guys, even at wasp-size.

John Stamos as WONDER MAN
An actor and a superhero? Simon Williams juggles two of the hardest jobs in the world with ionic ease. John Stamos is not only a spitting, square-jawed image of Wonder Man, but he acts and sings! Fits like a glove, I tell you! Somebody sign him up quick!

Mariska Hargitay as BLACK WIDOW
Natasha Romanoff is a sexy Russian spy who’s equal parts sexy and deadly. We’d go with Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star Mariska Hargitay, who proves in the show that she looks good busting up the lowest criminal denominator.

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