Webcomics I Love: Nodwick

Man, if there was a surefire sign you're a roleplaying geek, it was owning a copy (or copies, for the hardcore ones) of Dragon magazine. My college bud had tons of them, and I read them all, if not for the RPG-related goodies inside, then for the Nodwick strips at the very end!

Nodwick is the brain child of cartoonist Aaron Williams, and it pokes fun at cliches and genre conventions of fantasy role playing games. The art is quirky, and Williams' RPG-gamer geek humor hits home every single time. The characters are hilariously lovable, most especially Piffany, who is probably the cutest, bespectacled cleric on the face of the earth!

Dragon has now gone the way of the dodo, but now you can catch Nodwick's adventures again in the official site, Nodwick.com, where Aaron Williams continues to pump out webcomics every week. Read the latest strip or check out the archives, but whatever you do, don't forget to enjoy it! It's what every roleplaying game session should be like: crazy fun!

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