My Week in Comics: August 2, 2008

None of my pulls were out this week…again.

I know, I know…why make a My Week in Comics column if you don’t buy comics every week, right? Right.

But trust me, this is far from bad. All this means is that I have MORE comics to review for you guys next week. And more comics mean more fun for you and me. I won’t have it any other way!

Okay, so that’s a bad excuse, but still, the show must go on…so this week I’ll review comics that I think is worth picking up if you haven’t been already. It’s a good exercise in picking up contextual clues and what not, and to see if my comics radar is not as whacked as I think it is.

I have NOT read any of these comics. Dipping into the unknown (and into your savings to buy these comics) is what makes comic books so much fun! Take note that while it would seem that I read comics only for the art, I am actually more partial to great stories, and I only notice the art first since comic books is such a visual medium that I can’t help but notice that first. With that said, read on!


I’ve been seeing this in the list of titles shipping every week but I never bothered to know what it is. Now that I saw a preview, I found out that it was created by Jay Faerber, the same man who brought us Noble Causes, the superhero soap opera from Image Comics.

I’ve been hearing nothing but good things about Faerber, and seeing penciler Mahmud A. Asrar’s work, especially in this week’s cover, makes me think I would enjoy hunting down the first couple of issues of this title, and so will you.


I can only say one thing about this: artist Stjepan Sejic is a god among men. If any of you doubt the power of Photoshop, let Mr. Sejic steer you into the right train of thought. This guy’s an artistic freak, pushing the boundaries of what can be done in comic book art. I say if you’re going to pick this up just because of Sejic’s art, that’s already a great reason in and of itself!

Oh, and Ron Marz is awesome too.


Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, the writers behind Annihilation, Nova and Annihilation: Conquest, launched a new team of GotG, whose roster reads like a cosmic all-star cast: Starlord, the new Quasar, Drax, Gamora, Adam Warlock and the irrepressible Rocket Racoon!

I haven’t picked this up since I’m already pulling Nova, but from all the reviews I’ve been reading, I’m missing out on a lot of good stuff. Abnett and Lanning’s golden touch with anything cosmic, and Paul Pelletier’s amazing pencils, make this title a must have.

There you have it. Three awesome comics I have never read yet, and if you haven’t either, I suggest we both do so right now!

If anybody else thinks I’m missing out on any more awesome comics, drop a comment for me so I can check it out! Thanks for reading!

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