4 ON THE FLOOR Week 4: Finding the voice part 1

4 ON THE FLOOR is a weekly look at the history of the Dark Lich's blog, what's happened since then, and whether people still read his blog. All of it in celebration of the 4th anniversary of Think Happy Thoughts.

I bet you're wondering why I've been droning on and on about love for four straight weeks. When are you gonna get to the good stuff?

The thing is, back then, the good stuff involved me nursing a bottle of San Mig Lite and an inferiority complex, trying to tell someone I liked them while scoping them out with binoculars a couple of yards away, hoping I don't get caught.

Short answer: It was all I could ever write about.

I thought I could break the monotony of this blog by dabbling in random stream of mind posting. I probably thought I was some sort of James Joyce prodigy, typing up whatever shit my mind can spit out as fast as I can type it and expected people to like it...

But yeah, most of them were...about...uh...love...again. Damn.

Not that I didn't keep trying, though. so I came up with writing witty reviews about shows I discovered or movies I watched. It was right there and then that I realized I was better at this than I initially thought. Man, if there was one thing I learned in those days, was that Abby Cruz was the fucking bomb and Bestfriends was the most insightful slice of TV programming I have ever seen in my life. If the Emmys teamed up with the Oscars and the Tonys and decided to give out some sort of amalgamated statue for "Greatest TV Show Ever", Bestfriends would have won. Every single time.

Oookay...so they were two things. On second thought, that show also gave me those silly ideas of courting my friend in the first place!

And I'm back where I started.

Thankfully for you, I have much wider material to draw upon now! So if you wanna read more about my adventures dating somebody almost half my age, rubbing shoulders with celebrities and all the hijinks a blogger like me had to go through to come up with a blog like this, catch the next installment of 4 ON THE FLOOR, our road to the 4th anniversary of Think Happy Thoughts!

And hey, if there's a better time to ask me about Bestfriends, it's now!

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