4 ON THE FLOOR Week 1: It's big, it's heavy, it's WOOD!

4 ON THE FLOOR is a weekly look at the history of the Dark Lich's blog, what's happened since then, and whether people still read his blog. All of it in celebration of the 4th anniversary of Think Happy Thoughts.

I just realized something.

These days, the blogs that people read and love the most are the ones NOT about the person writing them, or at least where the writer is popular enough that their blogs don’t even NEED to be about themselves.

Take Chris Sims and his blog, the-isb.com. It’s about him in a sick and twisted sort of way, but it’s really about comics and his absolutely hilarious thoughts about them. BoingBoing.net, supposedly the most popular blog in the whole freaking world according to Technorati, is a blog about cultural curiosities. Who wants to read about that, right? Right?

It used to be that blogs were actually what its shortened name is…a web log, an online diary of a person where they spill their guts out to a wider audience or to people who might even care. It’s that sort of attention pandering and sense of entitlement that blogs originated. Not to say that all people used and started blogs this way, but by God if it that wasn’t the reason I started mine.

I started this blog with me dreaming of hundreds of people reading about my sob stories and pseudo-comical musings and becoming famous because of it. My life is so horribly interesting, I probably thought, and people should read all about it!

And so, I did what any self-respecting, college dude with an inferiority complex would do: I used this very blog to blurt out all the hurtful, emo stuff I was experiencing back then, probably hoping for sympathy.

I posted about how I hated the girl who scorned me and blamed her for the emotional quagmire she supposedly left me in. I laughed at her misery when the unrequited love of her life pissed her off. Let’s just say that I wasn’t a very pretty sight to see back then. But hey, you try waiting for 2 years for her to say yes...you'd be pretty pissed too.

Looking back, I really can’t believe I was that much of a wuss. Even to this day I’m ashamed of some of the things I said. Maybe that’s why even if I have the urge to delete some of my earlier posts, they serve as a reminder of what I was, and of how different I am today. Right now I’m not so much of the insecure wreck you read about in the first few weeks of my blog. I’m now somewhat of a celebrity among certain otaku circles, and I’m happily in a relationship with the most awesome woman I have ever met and fell in love with…

…but I’m still not so funny.

But what happened to the girl I was giving a hard time in this blog? Who is she? And why the hell are there 5-6 month gaps between my damn posts?! All will be revealed in the next installment of 4 ON THE FLOOR, our road to the 4th anniversary of Think Happy Thoughts!

Thanks for reading!

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