As I type, it's 10:05 on a Saturday evening. I'm writing my blog on a computer, and I still can't sleep. All of this is normal if not for the fact that I'm in America.

America. The land of opportunity. The land of Pop Tarts and Girls Gone Wild. The land of white chicks and black guys. It was a pretty bumpy ride on the way here, but I assure everyone who ever dreams of coming is SOO worth it.

I promised a lot of people I'd be blogging about my adventures here, ergo, this blog entry. The first 3 meals I had since I got here consisted of burgers, thickburgers, and sausages. My heart is screaming at me to stop, but I can't hear him. My jaws are too busy chewing on 100% USDA prime ground beef. I wonder when my stomach will have its fill of 'normal' food like, say, vegetables and fruits?

Went to this place called the Grand Casino, in Hinkley. Went in with more than 80 dollars in our pockets...came out with 30 left. It was not a good day to gamble.

I don't know what our itinerary will be tomorrow, but I hope it's somewhere amusing and interesting, just to get you to read. Until then, I'm afraid I have to bore you with my musings on why God is such a kidder, putting my tita's place in front of an all-girls elementary school (just kidding).

Shout outs to Jonas, Luis, Joshua, the HERO staff and my sweetie. We'll be buying a digicam next week. THank God! I'll have physical proof that I was here!

Now, just 2 hours more and that commercial for Girls Next Door will be on.

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