G for Graduate

6 hours ago, I walked the stage that was set before me all those moons ago. In between the coffee breaks during my all-nighters doing projects for ADPRAC and Ad Design, I would imagine that stage, and the weird shit I was supposed to pull as I walked towards the priest with an outstretched hand, giving me a wink. A wink that told me "Congratulations, son. Graduate ka na."


Forgive me for sounding a bit emotional. I am far from teary eyed at this point. Because I'm pretty much tired. Its 2am and I'm checking Friendster to see if anybody had the guts to check my account. No, I just needed to invoke within you that exciting feeling I got during the revered lakad. After all, that's the talent all good storytellers had.

Anyway...the venue itself was quite cramped. And there was a major faux pax when the ushers realized that there weren't enough seats for the students. After the imposition of hoods, there were like dozens of people standing, looking for the seat they were supposed to have, only to see someone else's cushy derriere parked there.

But I digress. It was a sufficient effort to ease us out of the damned university of ours. I wish it was as dramatic and emotional as, say, Jonas' or Luis' grads.

But then again, it's typical me to look at the faults of things instead of the good parts (if only for the reason the faults are more exciting). I particularly liked the part when Fr. Nantes put on my cap and told me, in roughly the same words, "Tagal mo na dito, Mr. Salire, ah. Sa wakas!". And when I came down to shake hands with my professors, everyone was telling me the same thing: "At last, Mr. Salire. Congratulations."

Needless to say, I have officially graduated. And it feels, for lack of a better term, f***in' good.


4 years of fun plus 2 years of blood, sweat and tears have culminated into this one night. But I dare not say that this is a hurdle I have conquered on the road of life. A hurdle is a hindrance, a barrier, an obstacle that stands in the way. Something that impedes progress. I'd rather think that my studies and my graduation is but one step on the flight of stairs towards my destiny. And I'd like to keep it that way.

Congrats, I say, to my friends Josh and Aya (and a shout out to my seatmate Arwan..XD) for graduating. Sana makahanap tayo ng trabaho kagad, noh? XD And to the people we left behind, namely Sean and JL...konting tiis na lang yan, mga dude. And after that, the taste of victory will soon be yours.

Good morning, everyone. And good morning to me too, on the first day of the rest of my life.

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  1. Hey! Congrats!! Was browsing through some blogs... Stumbled upon yours!

    Tama ka... sana makahanap tayo ng job kaagad!! woot woot!