I'm tired

I'm not suppposed to be sad. But I am.

Women are vague creatures. To say that almost all men lie, cheat and steal is a total lie. In these times of gender equality, women do their fair share of petty arguments and 'secret' problems. Of unknown grudges and mind-reading. And we men will 'always' be the bad guy.

I'm appalled that I've become less of a romantic and more of a realist. To me, Love is not about your 'special someone' or 'wishing on the same, big star' anymore. It's about two people, two different people with different views, from different upbringings, trying to make sense of each other. 'It's not always rainbows and butterflies, it's compromise that moves us along', says Maroon 5. And for me they could never be more correct.

She ignores me. She doesn't want to talk to me. She doesn't want to see me. But who am I to expect anything since she doesn't feel anything for me in the first place? I'm doing all the work here, and I know but pray that she's worth it.

Am I way over my head here? Did I bite more than I can chew?

I'm feeling it. My soul wants to quit but my body and heart doesn't want to.

But a song once said that if you really love somebody, you've got to set them free. She's never been more free than now. Wanting a relationship this bad without any hint of maturity is, to quote the vernacular, 'asking for it'.

I'm tired

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  1. aww, poor big brother. that's okay. whenever you're down...there's always azy or me around. little sister is watching you...hee! that's love for ya. ^_^