4 Things From the New Marvel's Eternals trailer

The entertainment industry is playing catch up due to the pandemic. Marvel's Eternals, for instance, was supposed to be released in the year that never was. Now we're just getting a new trailer, and it's our clearest look at Marvel's foray into an untapped corner of their universe. And I was so froth-at-the-mouth excited, I saw four things I can't wait to see!


We have our first clear look at Salma Hayek as Ajak, one of the Eternals. In the comics, Ajak is a big burly dude with a penchant for wearing ostentatious headgear. This version at least keeps the headgear tradition alive! Ajak is not the only one gender-bent for this movie, as the character Makkari (the Eternals' resident speedster dude) is played by deaf actress Lauren Ridloff!


One scene from the trailer shows a number of the Eternals seemingly in a trance and being interconnected by a strange energy, which is most likely them combining into the Uni-Mind!

In the comics, the Eternals have the ability to merge their separate consciousness into a single will and intelligence called the Uni-Mind, which they often used to either vote on decisions too big to leave to individual whims or make a sort of MegaEternal to fight enemies too big for any single one of them. If this is indeed them tapping into the Uni-Mind, then I'm curious to see how they use it!


In this scene, Sprite looks like they're rocking out to karaoke aboard a private jet, which could be a nod to Neil Gaiman's work on the Eternals in 2006. In that series, some of the Externals inexplicably lose their memory and became normal people with normal work. Except for the forever young Sprite, who became a popular TV star with a penchant for living in excess just like in that trailer scene!


This is our first clear look at Kit Harrington as Dane Whitman, known to Marvel fans as the Black Knight! The Black Knight wields a cursed sword and fights to restore honor to his name that's been passed down to generations, and at one point was a member of The Avengers. It's too early to tell why the Eternals would need the help of a dude with a cursed sword, but I'm excited to where it will lead!

Also, with the Eternal Ikaris being played by Richard Madden, we have the potential for a mini-Game of Thrones reunion in the movie!

The Eternals is Marvel's biggest gamble since Guardians of the Galaxy. But you know what? This is Marvel Studios. They've turned obscure comic book characters into multimedia powerhouses. At the very least, Marvel's Eternals is gonna be incredibly interesting!

Marvel's Eternals arrives in select theaters November 5, 2021.

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