Oh no, DC is doing it again...

It's just been announced that Pierce Brosnan has joined the cast of DC Films' upcoming Black Adam movie as the enigmatic Doctor Fate, joining Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam. Oh and Aldis Hodge as Hawkman. And Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher. AND Quintessa Swindell as Cyclone.

That's five named superheroes and villains in one movie.

And these aren't just mere name drops either. Hawkman is a legacy DC Comics character with more than 80 years of stories behind him.

This was before his backstory went to shit though.

Doctor Fate? Same thing. Been in the biz since 1940 and is a major player in DC events. He's basically DC's Doctor Strange.

But with a wicked left hook and penchant for one-liners.

Atom Smasher and Cyclone are also legacy DC Comics superheroes. Not as long-lived or as popular as Fate and Hawkman, but familiar to comic book fans.

Their JSA run was pretty good though.

Oh, and all of them have been at one point members of the Justice Society of America, literally the first superhero team in comics.

I know I should be excited. But the last time DC Films tried putting together a lot of iconic comic book characters in a single movie without the benefit of solo movies, Warner Bros. paid $70 million for Zack Snyder to put out a 4-hour movie to fix it. It's either the writers do too much and drown out Black Adam in his own story, or do too little and make these characters mere window dressing. Either way, looking at the cast right now, it feels bloated already. We haven't even gotten to Djimon Honsou's Shazam yet (if he isn't in this, what's the point of Black Adam?)

I don't care much for Black Adam (whose bloody, grimdark edginess in the early 2000s soured me for life), but even he deserves the spotlight in his very first movie, without the burden of becoming a launchpad for future franchises.

It's like they never saw BvS.

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