MAFEX Infinity War Thor Action Figure Review

MAFEX Thor action figure covered in lightning

I'm sure I wasn't the only one who uttered an inhuman screech of glee when Thor came back to save the day in Wakanda in Avengers: Infinity War, I mean, that's just being human.

So when Medicom TOY announced that not only were they putting out a MAFEX figure based on that specific Thor, they are also putting in a shit-ton of accessories and add-ons to make that specific Thor even more specifically awesome, I had to have it.

And so here we are, more than a year after I pre-ordered MAFEX Infinity War Thor, ready to review my most sought-after figure of 2020. Is he worth the wait? Let's hope so!

MAFEX Thor action figure in box

MAFEX Infinity War Thor stands at around 6 1/4 inches, which is worryingly small for my taste. But there's no doubt that to me this is the best-looking Thor action figure at this scale. MAFEX pulled out all the stops with this fig. The sculpting, detail, and overall proportions are just perfect, and the figure feels really good in hand, if just a little light.

Front and back view of MAFEX Thor action figure
Close up of MAFEX Thor action figure details

Articulation is no problem when it comes to MAFEX, and Infinity War Thor has the range of motion you don't expect from a fully-armored God of Thunder. The figure's design doesn't hinder any movement and the joints are surprisingly smooth and tight (for a MAFEX, a huge improvement), so you'll have fun posing the Odinson.

MAFEX Thor action figure posing with Stormbreaker
MAFEX Thor action figure posing with Stormbreaker axe

If you didn't notice, the cape itself is poseable! Bendy wires run along the sides of the cape, so you can make the cape flap in the wind any direction you please. I have no prior experience to bendy wire capes, so I doubt I'd use this much for fear of losing the cape's original shape. An awesome inclusion, though!

MAFEX Thor action figure cape demonstration

Of course, an Infinity War Thor isn't complete without Stormbreaker, the axe-hammer forged specifically to kill Thanos! The sculpt looks great, is painted well, and fits in the figure's hands perfectly.

MAFEX Thor calling Stormbreaker to his hand
MAFEX Thor action figure  with Stormbreaker

MAFEX Infinity War Thor comes with two sweet sets of accessories that were the major selling points of the figure. One is a sleeveless upper torso and eyepatch'd head so you can display the "pirate angel" version of Thor! The default upper torso pops off quite easily and the alternate torso pops in and stays in, thankfully. It looks really good, though I wish we could have just gotten alternate arms instead so we can display this figure with cape sans sleeves. But I digress. No other company has given us this much, and for that I'm very thankful!

MAFEX Thor action figure  showing bare arms
MAFEX Thor action figure with eyepatch
Fun fact: I captured our house cat moments before he knocked my entire setup
off the table, just in case he says it wasn't him.

The other is a set of pretty fucking rad "lightning" effect parts that make Thor look positively electrifying! Some plug into the holes in the armor when you remove the default "discs", the others are lightning effects you can slip into the arms and Stormbreaker itself, and a "glowing eyes" head is even included! Combined, all the effects give you a powered-up Thor like no other 6-inch action figure of the God of Thunder has mustered so far. You could practically hear the music when you finish putting everything on!

MAFEX Thor action figure in full power
Lightning effects of MAFEX Thor action figure

And so I come to the only pet peeve I have with this figure: it's just too short! MAFEX figures used to be on the taller side, but I guess they've changed the formula and opted for less plastic and more accessories, since my recent MAFEX Cyclops towers over this Thor and comes with less. Even just adding half an inch more to the fig would have made a big difference, since Thor is visually taller than Vision and Captain America in the MCU! You could fudge the height a bit by extending the legs out to make the figure taller, but man I wish I didn't have to do that!

MAFEX Thor compared to Marvel Legends
Yes, your eyes aren't messing with you. That is one of the discs on the floor.

Did I say it was my only pet peeve? I was joking. In case you didn't notice in some of the pics here, some of the armor's discs don't stay on too well, particularly in the belt area. Over the course of taking pics of this figure, I've had like five mini heart attacks whenever one of the microscopic discs popped out or went missing. They're the only ones included, so you lose one, you're boned like $90.

Holy shit, this figure is $90.

If I sound anal about size (heh), I apologize. I'm coming at this as a collector buying only the best representations of my favorite characters, regardless of brand. As I'm currently collecting the entire Avengers: Endgame roster in 6-inch action figure form, I had hoped to replace my Marvel Legends movie Thor with a more screen-accurate (and arguably better) version in MAFEX Infinity War Thor. Mix-and-match collectors like me are short of luck, but as you can see below, S.H. Figuarts and current MAFEX collectors will do just fine.

MAFEX Thor with Figuarts Black Widow and Hawkeye

As one great Imperial commander once said, "We were on the verge of greatness! We were this close!" And it's frustrating how close to a great movie Thor figure we could have gotten, only to come up (too) short. MAFEX Infinity War Thor is an amazing action figure, no doubt about it. The accessories alone make it one of the best Thor action figures we've had so far. But man is he puny.

I hope you found this review helpful. Stay safe out there and thanks for reading!

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  1. Where did you buy this? We're starting our collection and we're interested in getting one.