Eleventh Week: Top 5 Epic Eleventh Doctor Boasts

It's Eleventh Week here at Behold the Geek!, and for this edition of Top 5 Thursdays we're looking back at some of the Eleventh Doctor's best and ballsiest boasts!

The Eleventh Doctor won't be remembered just for his bowties and dapper sense of style...he will also be remembered for being the incarnation that made sure no one forgot why he's called The Oncoming Storm or The Predator in a dozen alien languages. So what were the Eleventh Doctor's biggest boasts? I rank them now so you won't have to!

5. "Good men don't need rules."

The Eleventh Doctor has been many things. But a good man? Even he thinks the jury's out on that one. In A Good Man Goes to War, when Madame Kovarian and the rest of her lackeys made the very huge mistake of getting to him through the people he loves, the Doctah tells them exactly why it's never a good idea to piss him off.

4. "There's one thing you NEVER put in a trap..."

When will they learn?

3. "I have seen things you wouldn't believe! I have lost things you will never understand!"

Doctor Who Series 7 was basically a love letter to its rich 50-year history, and it was made more apparent in Rings of Akhaten, where the Eleventh Doctor gave a rousing, emotional speech detailing the events and memories that made the Doctah who he is today. All he's seen, all he's lost, all he's ever been through encapsulated in a scene so awesome even I memorized it for future use!

2. "I'm the Doctor. Basically...run."

Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor had his work cut out for him. Coming off the heels of arguably the most fan-favorite of Doctors (David Tennant's Tenth Doctor), Eleven had pretty big shoes to fill! He needed a big push, a Badass Boast...

Then, during his debut in The Eleventh Hour, he gets a chance to pull of just that. He basically got you up to speed with who and what the Doctor is about AND gave hostile aliens the simplest yet most spine-chilling warning ever in one scene. At that exact moment, you knew you're in for the ride of your life.

1. The Pandorica speech

The Eleventh Doctor has had many epic boasts, but none have come close to the epic-ness and the potency of the speech he gave in The Pandorica Opens. Faced with all his greatest enemies (ALL. HIS. GREATEST. ENEMIES.) with no plan, no backup and no weapons worth a damn, the Eleventh Doctor uses the only thing he's got left: his notoriety as The Oncoming Storm! When even the deadliest beings of the universe run when he freakin' tells them to, then you know the Eleventh Doctor is BoastMaster Supreme!

And those are the top 5 most epic boasts of the Eleventh Doctor, as ranked by yours truly. Which one was your favorite? And which one have you memorized by now? Tell me in the comments section below and lets talk about it! Stay tuned as we continue our celebration of the Eleventh Doctor for Eleventh Week! Thanks for reading!

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