Eleventh Week: Raggedy Man No More

Our guest post today was written by meaches of the multimedia art blog, NO REAL PLOT. Before traveling with the Doctor, she grew up with Hobbits and lived with talking animals. Then she discovered the bigger universe with the Jedi. The rest is history. Or future. Whichever. Feel free to visit her blog at http://norealplot.blogspot.com. But first, read her thoughts about the Doctor who showed her whole new worlds and what she'll fondly remember about the madman with a box.


"Amy Pond, there's something you better understand about me 'cause it's important and one day your life may depend on it: I am definitely a madman with a box.
- The 11th Doctor, The Eleventh Hour

Among all the Doctor incarnations, Eleven is the most extraordinary Doctor of them all. He eats fish fingers with custard, he wears weird hats, he moves awkwardly and his eyebrows aren't exactly a defined feature. He's brave and adventurous but brash and reckless. He has a childlike wonder about the universe but he has a sliver of cold ignorance about the mortal lives around him. He doesn't stop to think his plan of actions through but thankfully, he still manages to save the day. But best of all, he talks horse and baby.

Yet for all the Eleventh Doctor's quirks, I didn't like him so much when I first met him. The Tenth Doctor was my Doctor and he delighted me so much with his silly antics that I wasn't ready to move on to the next series and accept the new Doctor. I found the new Eleventh Doctor too nitpicky, showy and sloppy. Worse, he hated bacon, which is supposed to be everyone's favorite food. I thought this Raggedy Man that little Amy Pond met was a terrible Doctor.

But after I decided to give Eleven a chance, I found he wasn't terrible at all. On the contrary, he was just as delightful as all the other Doctors. By the end of Season 5, I had grown too fond of Eleven's eccentricities and started mimicking his manner of speech. It wasn't until The Impossible Astronaut that I realized I came to love Eleven as the Doctor. That day I watched that episode, I realized I don't want him to die.

Out of all the Doctors I've traveled with, Eleven has given me the more magical and enchanting adventures (probably mostly due to modern special effects, probably. haha!) Compared to the other Doctors, I've met more aliens and visited more exotic worlds with Eleven. I've been frightened by more monsters and seen stranger events with him than I have had with previous Doctors. I've laughed at his goofy moments and I admired his courageous acts. I love the way he boldly introduces himself to strangers and imposes his assistance, if they need help.

While traveling with Eleven, I've met my favorite painter, I've run from Silurians, I've fished in the fog, I've met the TARDIS as a human, and I've seen a glimpse of how wibbly-wobbly crazy it gets when time lines cross each other. Every episode with Eleven is a wonderful story waiting to be told.

Ever since his/Matt Smith's departure was announced, I felt sad knowing that Eleven has officially limited time left in the show. But though he may no longer be the face I will see in the future, I will remember him. I will remember the way he spins around when he's ecstatic, to the way he cuddles up to the TARDIS console and the way he brandishes his sonic screwdriver at people's faces. I will remember the way he shouts "Geronimo!" before embarking on a very dangerous affair. I will remember how he started off as that awkward raggedy man in a broken blue box and I will remember how he became a Doctor I love to watch, running from one adventure to another.

Thank you, Eleventh Doctor. Thank you, old friend. You lived well and made us alive too. As Amy Pond said, "Above all else, we will love you always."

So run, you clever boy, and we will remember you even after the end.

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