DINOSAUR WEEK II: 4 Dinosaur-related Links You Need RIGHT NOW

The internet isn't just for funny cat videos and pr0n! In line with the celebration of DINOSAUR WEEK here at Behold the Geek!, we're giving you some dinosaur-related links you never thought you needed...until now!

Ever wanted to ask a velociraptor anything? Tumblr just gave you the chance of a lifetime. Ask a Velociraptor is a surprisingly educational 'ask blog' starring a...well, a velociraptor (the anatomically-correct one with feathers, not the 'clever' dudes from Jurassic Park). He/She/It would be quick to tell you about the difference between troodontids and oviraptors and the mating habits of velociraptors (with cute illustrations to go with them). Aside, of course, from answering inane questions like whether a velociraptor can hold a gun.

To bask in the majesty of dinosaurs short of visiting a museum with complete dinosaur skeletons, one need only turn to art. Japanese artist Takumi Yamamoto seems to love dinosaurs as much as we do, coz through the years he has been cranking out piece after piece of amazing dinosaur art, which you can see via his online gallery. If you're hankering for some dinosaur-filled scenery art, this is the place to be.

Yes, folks. Society has come a long, long way. Long enough to have enough time in the world to create a game wherein a hapless T-Rex is put on a moving treadmill and letting hijinks ensue. Funny as it sounds, Treadmillasaurus-Rex is an exercise (hah!) in patience and hand-eye coordination, with spiked balls, lightsabers and an omni-directional treadmill all working together to knock you off your groove . Get far enough in this game though, and the T-Rex gets a top hat. Like a dino-sir.

Dinosaur "Prank" Videos

Leave it to the Japanese to come up with pranks as wild as these, wherein a dude in a very well-made and fully-functional dinosaur costume runs after unsuspecting victims and possibly giving them the shock of their lives that years of therapy will never fix. You laugh now, but faced with a mini T-Rex running after you in a hallway with nowhere to hide, you'd run the hell away too.Check out the vids here and here

Know of any other dinosaur-related links you'd like to share? Leave them via the comment box below and let everyone know about it! Hope you're having fun as we celebrate DINOSAUR WEEK once again here at Behold the Geek! Thanks for reading!

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