ANIME WEEK: 5 Anime Series with Awesome Friendships

ANIME WEEK continues here at Behold the Geek! And today's Top 5 Thursdays post lists down examples of awesome bonds of friendship in anime! Check out the list after the jump!

Today's fiver-list comes courtesy of my good friend GuiltyLoveless, a cosplayer, graphic designer, manga and anime enthusiast as well as a hardcore gamer. He may look tsundere, but he’s actually very friendly and loves sharing opinions with other people as well as making friends (which is why he wrote this article)!  Oh, and he isn't really that crazy for vegetables and he eats really fast. Like, godlike-speed levels of munching. Read on to know more about his top anime friendships!

Some say an anime’s selling point lies in how the art was done or how the soundtrack was composed. Some are in it for the pairings and all the feels they get after watching it. But for me, I think what really got me interested is how different anime shows portray loyalty, justice and friendship.

Today, I will be sharing a list of five anime with awesome friendships hat really drowned me in tons of feels and inspired me to keep on living life the way these people do. Others might think they're just “cartoons”, but sometimes, they make better role models than you might think!

Alright! Enough with the drama and on to the real thing!

FREE! Iwatobi Swim Club

I’m pretty sure everyone still remembers the TVCM that took all the fujoshis and the anime netizens by surprise and left everyone asking for more, right?

FREE! is arguably at the top of my anime friendships list since every time I watch each episode, all the moments shared by Haruka and his friends really leave me thinking about the times I used to spend with all my friends and the past that I've shared with them.

This show has never ceased to immerse me in a wonderful world of friendship and make me realize the fact that there are things that hope and determination can always mend. 

FREE! does not only boast a wonderful cast and beautiful (delicious~) art, but it seriously has a very impressive and interesting storyline. For those who judged FREE! to be a show full of fanservice and shonen-ai implications, I highly suggest you take time to dive into the waters and join the Iwatobi Swim Club to see for yourself!

Tiger and Bunny

Second on my list is a show that I was hesitant to watch at first because, well, the title really sounded odd to me. But honestly speaking, I was glad to become a part of the fandom because this show really taught me a lot of things.

First off, I think the reason why I really loved this show is because I was able to relate with Barnaby and the way he viewed things at the first half of the show. I tend to unintentionally give a cold shoulder to people and focus more on my obligations—thinking that those were the world to me. 

But then, Kotetsu's (as well as the other heroes’) actions towards Barnaby made me realize that sometimes, it’s a blessing to share your opinions and feelings with other people because not only does it make you feel a bit lighter, it also teaches you how to value teamwork and seeing that not everyone around you is a hindrance and never will be.

Persona 4: The Animation

Persona, aside from Final Fantasy, is one of my favorite game franchises and of course, I loved it even more when they made an anime for Persona 4!

I personally loved playing Persona 4 because of the strong connection I felt between the characters since I also used to be in high school like them; I appreciate how the game makes camaraderie and friendship one of its central factors.

Much like Yu Narukami, I also had a bit of a rough time looking for friends whom I could really trust since I was really shy when I was young (and because the Velvet Room and Arcanas weren’t really available during our time). But what puts P4: The Animation on my list is the strong chemistry between Yu and his friends. I can certainly feel how close and how loyal they are to each other that they would be willing to put their lives on the line for their dear friends.

The fact that they also make time to hang out with each other every time is a very big plus for me. Since I believe that spending time and making memories with your friends is more important than receiving mementos or any of the sort.

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Magi is one of the most impressive shows I've seen this season—incorporating characters and famous stories in a rich world of alliances and adventure~!

Alliances may be a different term for friendship, but what I liked most about Magi was how the show was able to portray how friendship can make people understand their hidden potentials and how much it can fuel a person’s desire in order to push past his limits and even lead a country.

In connection to this, I was also really impressed with how Alibaba grew so much as a main character—having so many good friends and allies who helped him become what he is today proved me wrong when I said that I didn't really like how his character was developed.

Magi has also taught me that we should not allow the bad memories nor the tragedies that occurred in our life to shape our future.  As dramatic as it may seem, sometimes, we must also learn to look around us and trust in the people we call our friends. 

Kuroko no Basket

One of my biases when it comes to judging the “friendship factor” in an anime is that the show should either be a sports or a fighting anime (Persona’s an exception, okay? D:). Personally, I think that mostly all of the crucial factors can be pointed out when a show is derived from those genres. 

Aside from FREE!, one of my most favorite shows this season is KuroBasu. I admire how each team utilizes their skill, showing off a different aspect and play style and giving it their all to win!

And in accordance to these “play styles” one of the most notable characters who play in pairs are our very own Midorima Shintarou and Kazunari Takao from Shutoku High. Midorima, who specializes in long-range shooting, and Takao, who uses his “hawk eye” to observe and make sure that Midorima does not lose his focus, just impress me every time I see them play.

Outside of the court, these two are also very good friends as Takao is always seen pulling Midorima’s rickshaw and accompanying him everywhere he goes. 

People from the fandom may wonder why Takao never gets annoyed when Midorima bosses him around all the time. Personally, I think the reason behind this is that he cannot do without Midorima and Midorima will not be able to give his 100% in a game unless he know Takao is there to defend him. Even though Midorima may not show his appreciation for Takao most of the time, the mere fact that he feels secure when his “best friend” is around is proof that they have such a strong and wonderful friendship.

ANNNDDDD, that’s that for my 5 Anime with Awesome Friendships for Behold the Geek!'s ANIME WEEK! Hope you guys enjoyed my Guilty Confessions~ (I think this should be called Guilty Ramblings instead. XD)

I’d be more than happy to hear your opinions and your comments! ^^ You are also more than welcome to drop by my tumblr page at guiltyxloveless!

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this article and for having me here! (Stay tuned for more anime goodness here in Behold the Geek!'s ANIME WEEK! -- G)

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  1. Persona 4: The Animation is in my top 10 favorites anime of all time! I really love the friendship point of view in these series, and the magical connection between Yu and his friends - wish for friends like his!

  2. Just Finished Watching MAGI It Was Awesome..