Avengers Assemble Series Black Widow and Hulk Toy Review

During my infrequent 'toy runs' at Toy Kingdom, I saw these Marvel figures on the shelves. I ignored them, of course (I've made peace with the fact that I'll never get a single Marvel Universe figure in toy stores ever /manly tear)...that is, until I saw these wicked-looking Hulk and Black Widow figures staring me in the face.

It's a sign. A sign that I have figures to review.

Avengers Assemble is Marvel's latest cartoon that re-assembles Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Hulk and Hawkeye and takes them on new animated adventures. To coincide with the airing of the series, Hasbro released a toyline, also called Avengers Assemble, made up of 1:18 scale figures of characters from the show, like the two figures I will be reviewing today!

Let's start with our resident Russian spy, the deadly Black Widow!

Black Widow here may be sporting her classic togs, but the figure's body is actually a repaint of the movie Black Widow from Marvel's The Avengers, as evidenced by the sculpted lines and sculpted-in belt that the movie figure sported.

To hide the sculpted-in belt, Hasbro threw in this nice-looking gold belt to go along with her gold trim and gold "Widow's Bite" bracelets. The detail on these pieces are nice, the paint is crisp and I love the shade of gold on them. Very classy, Romanov!

Checking out the rest of sculpt, I really like Black Widow's face. It's one of the prettiest I've seen for a figure this small, and the paint job on her eyes is amazing. However, a few flaws come to light upon further inspection, like the unsightly mold lines around her chin and the mis-applied "lipstick". But unless you're gonna have a magnifying glass on her 24/7, you won't really notice it when she's up on your desk or display.

Articulation is surprisingly plentiful. After the 'kiddie-fied' articulation of Hasbro's recent toy releases (I'm looking at you, The Wolverine and Iron Man 3), I was surprised to find how limber this Black Widow figure is. She may not have any torso articulation, but the rest of her extremities are jointed out the wazoo. She even has swivel wrists and feet, and a semblance of ankle rockers!

The pistol isn't hers..it's from a GI Joe Lady Jaye figure. I'm just demonstrating that she can hold her guns just fine. Unsporting of a super spy like her to not have a gun, but she does come with a huge 'Inferno Blast Launcher' that I'm sure a lot of kids will enjoy.

Wait a minute...what's that? Look out, Agent Romanov! Your wave mate Gamma Fist Hulk is behind you!

Before he goes full on gamma-rage mode, let's review the big dude, shall we?

Hulk here, for lack of a more superfluous word, massive. I took the Marvel Universe Hulk figure and put them side by side and was surprised to find that Gamma Fist Hulk is a smidge taller and beefier!

Gamma Fist Hulk is a monster of a figure (pun not intended).  The articulation thankfully doesn't 'break apart' the sculpt much, leaving us with a figure that looks really detailed and powerful. I especially like the detail on the rippling muscles on his arms that could put that 'other' Hulk's pythons to shame!

However, fans of a raging Hulk would be surprised to find out that his face sculpt is less 'blind rage' and more of 'stern consternation'.

Unlike his wave mate Black Widow, Gamma Fist Hulk here has all the useful articulation one would need if one were a huge raging ball of unbridled rage. His joints have a wide range of motion (I especially like his torso articulation!), and he can pull off some powerful poses!

The dude even has some ankle rockers. Imagine what a kick from the Hulk feels like. That is, if you ever get to feel anything at all ever again after that!

Thankfully, there weren't any deal-breaking flaws on these two figures. Black Widow is a badass and beautiful female figure, while Gamma Fist Hulk is huge and full of personality. Both are welcome additions to any Avengers collection. Personally, I'm just happy I have an awesome Black Widow figure now to complete my movie Avengers lineup!

These figures are available now in Toy Kingdom and other toy stores, and they cost about 700php. Pretty steep for figures this small, but there's a lot to love about these two figures to warrant a purchase. Especially Hulk. Have I said the dude's huge?

I hope you enjoyed this review as much as I did writing it! If you have anything else to add about these two figures, leave us a comment via the comment box below and let's talk about it! Thank you so much for reading!

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