The Dark Knight Rises Heroclix is Coming!

The Dark Knight will rise...Heroclix-style!

Wizkids/NECA just released a preview of their upcoming DC Heroclix: The Dark Knight Rises movie set, and they kicked this shindig off with a sneak peek at the main man himself, Batman!

Both the Batman Begins and The Dark Knight versions of the character are featured, including an Alter-Ego figure in the form of Bruce Wayne. Every single figure is a beast and possibly overpowered (Batman with Invulnerability?!), and I gotta say, Wizkids/NECA stepped it up in the sculpt department. Seeing Batman's intricate armor plating translated to Heroclix scale is amazing! I don't think I've seen them put out something of this quality in a long while, which makes me terribly excited for this!

Check out the stats and the dials over at Wizkids/NECA's Heroclix site.

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