Behold! Guest Post Week!

What better way to celebrate my blog's 7th anniversary than to get other people to celebrate it with me!

This entire week, bloggers and writers from all across the blogosphere will be posting with the theme, "Moments in Geek", sharing their geekiest experiences with me and the rest of our geeky brethren! Their first brush with fandom, a geeky show no one talks about...the sky's the limit! It's GUEST POST WEEK here at Behold the Geek! Get excited!

Check out the guest posts in store for you!

Dom G ( shares a story about A Gathering.

claudiakat ( loves Tiger and Bunny and she wants to share Taibani with you!

Edz ( shares a Not-so-Geek's Geekiest Moment.

Larry ( talks about an Origin.

Maia ( wants you to know that being a geek isn't just for boys!

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