Webcomics I Love: Cat Versus Human

I'm missing my sweetie so much these days, what with her on the other side of the globe and all. And so, I dedicate this Wednesday to her by featuring another cat-themed webcomic! Feast your eyes on Cat versus Human (http://catversushuman.blogspot.com)!

Cat versus Human is the brainchild of one Yasmine Surovec, she of the sexy hair and the penchant for making cute comics about cats. Cat versus Human relates her day to day observations about her own cats and the feline species in general, but we all know it's just an excuse to draw cats doing cute, silly and absurd things. But what an excuse it is!

It's funny, oftentimes sweet, and Yasmine's drawings have that style that I love. A complete package of cat drawing goodness! So what are you waiting for? Visit Cat versus Human now!

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