Super Underpants, RIP

The writing's on the wall. The DCnU reboot. The leaked photos from Zack Snyder's The Man of Steel movie. They all make manifest the one thing we all fear: that Superman's wearing-briefs-on-the-outside days are over.

Yes, friends, Superman's iconic red trunks have been removed from history. That they decided to underline that fact in Superman's upcoming movie, which is sure to ingrain that image in the minds of pop culturedom forever, is the final nail on the coffin.

Truly a grim day...nay, a grim lifetime for all of us. My future child will never get to run around with a cape and his briefs on the outside while whooshing all over the house, because that's not how Superman looks like anymore. I just hope that whoever decided against keeping Superman's crimson underpants didn't think that he's doing the world a favor. You have doomed children's dreams, sir!

Join me in going 'half-mast' in memory of this devastating event. Let the world know that once upon a time, Superman did not go commando!*

*Okay, so my reaction isn't really as drastic as this one. Henry Cavill looks great in those set photos. Now to wait and see how they'll avoid making him look too much like a certain superpowered Muppet...

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  1. If anything, it emphasizes Cavill's "manly" parts more. :P

  2. Welcome to the blog, Reno! It's an honor to have you visit!

    Anyway, let's just hope Man of Steel isn't embarrassing to watch on the big screen because of "it"! :D

  3. I'm not sure if the guys would fancy looking at his "more emphasized manly parts" though. LOL!