My Week in Comics: Uncanny X-Force #13

Imagine losing the daughter you never had, finding the deceased love of your life alive, and finding out you became a genetic despot in an alternate universe. It's enough to make anyone go...berserk.

Yeah, Wolverine doesn't really have it easy, and Uncanny X-Force #13 offers no reprieve.

Rick Remender is on a roll here. Juggling an ensemble cast of crazy characters while letting everyone have at least one badass moment, on top of telling the vicious climax to The Dark Angel Saga...lesser writers would have folded on the first order of business. Lots of great character work here, especially Wolvie and Jean Grey. The longing in Wolvie's voice for the redhead is palpable and heartbreaking, while Jean is torn between love for her husband-turned-Apocalypse and her duty to stop him. It makes for some interesting drama, one I never thought I'd see in a comic filled with dudes disemboweling other dudes. Don't worry, it's balanced by a heaping serving of violence and Fantomex and AoA Gambit being dicks to each other. ("Your French accent, it's fake, oui?" "Still more dignified than your mutt Creole, yes?") Awesome.

More awesome is Mark Brooks, together with Scott Eaton, on art. I've always loved Brooks, and his work on this issue is his best yet. It's crisp and clean, he's got the sequential storytelling chops, and he draws mean action scenes. Helping him out in a couple of pages is Scott Eaton, who matches Brooks' excitement and storytelling (without aping the dude's art style) well. It's a two-fisted helping of art that just works for a book like this.

In the end, Remender teases us with the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers, and you'll be hard-pressed to not be afraid for these poor X-People when the next issue rolls around. Uncanny X-Force is filled to the brim with action, drama, short and sweet character moments and awesome art. Comics don't get any better than this. This gets a 4 out of 5.

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Good comics all around! See you next week when I tackle the big DCnU reboot! Thanks for reading!

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