Samsung Smart TV is Awesome! (Part 3)

The Samsung Smart TV's got apps and a web browser. It could also turn me into a magician.

Before you call the crazyhouse, consider the fact that the Samsung Smart TV is just over an inch thick. I can use it as a coffee table and no one would notice. I can make the Samsung Smart TV disappear like a regular David Blaine just by holding it perpendicular to me. And it could tell me what perpendicular means at the same time.

It's thin. Like, real thin. The type of thin you'll never use to describe any other TV ever. And it's in that shiny, sophisticated silver that I love. Now that's a TV worth blogging for! Imagine winning one of these in the Samsung Smart TV Promo just by blogging about it!

Well, imagine no more. Watch and keep it here at Behold the Geek! to learn more about the many, many wonderful things I can do with a TV this smart. Thanks for reading!

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