My 11 Unrealistic Wishes for Comics in 2011

Have you ever just sat down and wished for something this year? It's been said that 'ask and you shall receive', so this is my chance to write up eleven of my heartfelt and totally unrealistic wishes for comics this 2011!

I wish...

1. ...that I have more money to buy comics.

You read right. This is my actual wish for comics...that I have money to spend on it. The more money I have, the more I have to sample comics’ wares. There are tons of good comics I passed up due to monetary concerns, and it's a damn shame.

2. ...that Terry Kavanagh, Roger Cruz and Bud LaRosa get back together for another run of X-Man.

Okay, this is more of a personal wish than anything else, but what can you do? I’m probably the only surviving fan of X-Man in the interwebs today. And while I’m happy that Nate is back in some capacity in the Marvel universe, I’d like to see the definitive X-Man creative team take another stab at this guy!

3. ...that Paul Cornell and Leonard Kirk come back for more Captain Britain and the MI: 13.

4. ...that 2011’s superhero movies don’t suck.

Thor. Green Lantern. Captain America. X-Men: First Class. Their movies are right around the proverbial corner, and I really want these movies to be good. I’m hyped with every piece of preview shots/pictures/trailers that come out, but color me cautiously hopeful.

5. ...for more all-ages titles.

I really should write up a blog post about the importance of all-ages titles in a comic company’s stable. They really need more of this stuff, if only for people (like me) to escape the grittyness and violence of mainstream superheroism, because lord knows kids don’t read comics anymore.


6. ...for less comics.

What? I’m wishing for less comics? I’ve lost my mind, I have! But no, it isn’t what it sounds like. Looking back at Marvel’s catalog of titles in the 90’s, it was more focused. Titles like Avengers or Spider-Man had three or less titles. Now Batman has like six ongoings right now has and the Avengers are all over the place. Law of supply and demand, I know. But there's the altogether real problem of comic book companies cannibalizing their own profits. Let the other titles have a chance to shine.

7. ...for less ‘events’

Unrealistic since you just know they’ll do two more earth-shattering crises that will ‘change the world forever!’ just to spite you.

But hey, a guy can dream!

8. ...for less gore.

‘Nuff said.

9. ...for the Silver Age to come back.

Somebody posted a nice little blog post that called for the return of the Silver Age of comic books which I totally agreed with, but I seem to have lost it. (Anyone care to link me?) It's not what you think though. The author was calling for the return of the Silver Age creative mindset, where new ideas are pumped out month after month, be it a new villain or a new storyline or a new and crazy plot twist, instead of one idea being simmered for years. I just find that terribly exciting, and would be a good change of pace, don't you think?

10. ...for new comic book fans to come in.

I'm slowly running out of new people to talk about comics to. With Marvel's Point One Initiative and DC's sticking to a $2.99 price point, and even with Image and their Artifacts event, I really, really wish there will be new blood coming into this hobby of ours.

11. ...for comics to be even more awesome than last year.

I really wanted to put in "...for comics to be awesome again.", but I looked at the stuff that came out last year (Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne, The Sixth Gun, Artifacts and more) and I have to admit, it was an awesome year for comics. So I use my last wish as a feel good wish for comics. We need it more than ever!

I got my fingers and toes crossed, and you should too! Do you have anything you wish to happen in comic books this 2011? Let me know by hitting the comments! Thanks for reading!

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