My Week in Comics: September 17, 2010

I had a thirst for comics that needed to be quenched. Thankfully my pull list arrived early this week! What did I get myself into? Read on to find out!

You know what? I don't think I've ever read a hero as clever as Zatanna, especially in her current ongoing series. Seriously, in Zatanna #5, Zee's got half the mind to take a Las Vegas priest and a pool and use it against the elemental demons from last issue in a way that lesser heroes wouldn't even begin to imagine how. Sorry if I'm going to sound a bit cheesy, but this is a hero being a hero, and it's such a refreshing sight in all the madness of mainstream comics.

We also see Mammon, the demon lord of Avarice for the first time, as well as the big bad plan he's setting up with slimy casino owner Benjy Raymond in their quest for Zatanna's tasty little soul. Too bad for Zee, who promised to watch cousin Zachary's magic act but may soon find herself in a different and altogether unpleasant act on her own. It's a good, tightly-written story, if not a little fast on its feet as we soon find ourselves in the climax of this particular arc. But you know what? I'm enjoying these short bursts of adventure. Makes it easy for newbies to pick this up and enjoy it right away.

I was a bit apprehensive over the loss of Stephane Roux from the book, but it seems that the book is in good hands with Chad Hardin, who manages to be just as dynamic with the action, and draws Zatanna just as beautifully. Zatanna's creative team should be commended for making what is simply a fun comic, and I couldn't ask for anything more...except maybe more Zatanna! This is a great 4 out of 5.

X-23 #1 coming out the same day as the announcement that she's one of the playable characters in Marvel vs Capcom 3? A fortunate coincidence, since people wanting to know more about X-23 will have a pretty good comic as a jumping on point.

Marjorie Liu tackles what makes Laura Kinney (the eponymous X-23) tick, in short but satisfying character moments with Storm, her former New X-Men teammates, and the lonely environs of Utopia. Her scripting is tight, and says just what needs to be said while at the same time throwing a bone to the readers unfamiliar with X-23. Laura here is paranoid, scared and probably a little bit angry after all the things she went through, what with being a member of Cyclops' wetworks team X-Force, and it shows. But Liu suggests that anyone can change, even X-23. Hell, even Cyclops, who in a surprising twist says sorry to Laura for that little X-Force fiasco. Has Cyclops really changed? Only time will tell.

Will Conrad's art here is pretty good and serves the story well, and I personally can't wait for some slicing and dicing to happen in the next few issues to see how he handles action.

Granted I don't know jack squat about the connection between this ongoing series and the current Wolverine in Hell storyline supposedly running through all Wolvie related books, but whatever it is, I guess I have to have faith in Liu and making it clearer for peeps like me. This is a good first issue, no contest. This one's a 4 out of 5.

Girls are bringing it this week! Let's hope the streak continues! Agree? Disagree? Which X-23 mini was your favorite? Let me know by hitting the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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  1. I like how they drew X-23 a lot.:D Thanks for posting.