I'm swimming in the comic book blogosphere!

Update-A-Tron lists more than a thousand active comic book blogs. That doesn't count the number of mainstream blogs from sites like IGN, Newsarama or Comic Book Resources, nor the sheer number of free hosted blogs by comic book geeks with enough free time in their hands to blog about comics. It's still a pretty big number...that is, until you search for 'comic book blogs' on Google and stare slack-jawed at the 10,000,000 results.

That's okay, I can't find myself in that number either.

When I decided to turn this shindig into a comic book blog, I found myself thrust in a world that has guys like Bully and Chris Sims rocking faces clean off everybody with the kind of insane blogging rivaled only by the craziness of the Silver Age. It's like joining the varsity basketball team where everyone's no shorter than 6 feet and you're the runt who can't even run for 20 seconds without choking on air.

But slowly and surely, people came around. The comments rolled in, industry people thanked me for reviewing some of their comics, and I even got myself quoted in a newspaper for my Tekken movie review.

I'm not bragging, you guys. This is just me being completely awestruck at where I am right now and what I've accomplished because of this blog. It's a pretty exciting ride, I tell you what. Now it's not so bad swimming in a freakin' big sea of killer comic book bloggers...I'm just glad I'm blessed enough to play in it!

Thanks for sticking around and making this blog a humble success! Join us as the days count oh so quickly down to the sixth anniversary of Behold the Geek!

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