My Week in Comics: March 19, 2010

For comic fans in Makati, Planet X Comics is extending their sale until Sunday, March 21. All back issues in the bins for only 50 pesos! A freaking steal if I ever saw one! But I digress. It's another My Week in Comics! Let's see what I got myself into...

The last time we saw Nova, he and his pals (the time-displaced Mr. Fantastic, Namorita, Black Bolt and other characters I have no interest in) were about to be royally screwed by a superpowered Sphinx, who has taken control of two Ra stones (RaRa?), effectively becoming a being capable of rewriting the universe at his whim! Flash forward to Nova #35, and Rich has a plan crazy enough and universally impossible enough to work!

Abnett and Lanning does another great job, channeling some over-the-top, old school heroics as Nova takes on an insurmountable threat without batting an eyelash. Mahmoud Asrar on pencils is adequate, but his group shots, as well as Nova's Sphinx takedown, could have been better rendered so I would know what the heck's happening. As it is, the very shocking and surprising turn of events in the last few pages is just enough to make me interested in what happens next. This book is a good 3 out of 5.

And then we get to Siege #3. Wow, just...Siege #3.

This isn't Bendis, is it? Marvel's messing with us. It's absolutely hard to believe the man who wrote the shitfest that was Secret Invasion made an event book filled to the brim with brutal fight scenes, balanced with some of the most awesome dialogue this side of Marvel (Sentry saying "How many gods will I have to kill today?" literally gave me chills. The freaking Sentry gave me chills.). and tension mounting with every turn of the page that I'm afraid people of lesser countenance will explode upon reaching the last page.

And I'm seriously man-crushing on Oliver Coipiel right now. His pencilwork just makes this issue mindblowingly HUGE, I'm forced to use the word 'cinematic' right into the ground for lack of a more appropriate term. You're not reading a comic book anymore. You're watching an action film with the Iron Man soundtrack blaring rocking guitar riffs in the background as Thor pummels Sentry with a strength that could shatter planets. This is comic book art at its best, people.

This book just pushes what can be done in event books to its very limit, and I fucking love it.

5 out of 5, baby. 5 out of 5.

It's a good day to be a Marvel fan! At this rate, I'll buy Siege #4 sight unseen. Here's hoping it lives up to the hype! Do you like the review? Do you think I'm crazy for loving Siege? Drop a comment to let me know and let's talk about it! Thanks for reading!

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