The new Batman and Robin?

Sir Azrael just pointed out to us some preview pages from Batman and Robin #1, written by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, the team who gave us what apparently was the biggest thing to happen in comics since Power Girl, All-Star Superman.

Batman and Robin #1
It kicks off the 'newest era of the Dark Knight' by introducing to us the victors of DC's recent Battle of the Cowl, where a buttload of Batman's supporting cast fought each other for the right to wear the legendary cowl of Batman, after the original's apparent demise in Final Crisis. I don't know why I think this, but I honestly think this is a refreshing change of pace for the Bat books (despite not reading enough as I should). The new Batman doesn't have the emotional scarring and shoulder chips that Bruce had, and the new Robin isn't as, well, Robin-like as all the other guys who've taken to wear green panties or tights beside ol' Brucie.

Not only that, Grant and Frank has effectively challenged Grek Pak and Fred Van Lente to a 'sound effect battle', with salvos like this:

Batman and Robin #1
Drop the mike up in this mother--!

Anyhoo, check out the seven page previews by clicking on these words.

EDIT: And I now know that it came out yesterday. Which makes me an excited ass. :(

EDIT 2: By some serendipitous stroke of luck, one of our bosses brought to the office all three issues of Battle for the Cowl. Will review later coz it's fucking awesome.

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