Fury Files Review: Green Hulk!

It's a touch of sweet irony that we still don't have the second wave of Marvel Universe Fury Files on our shores despite being one of the first countries to release Wave 1 weeks ahead of the release date...le sigh...

Anyway, since I'm such a weak-willed bastard, I decided to give in and get an early taste of one of Wave 2's figs, the jolly green goliath, Hulk (courtesy of specialty stores in Greenhills) Let's see what I got myself into!

For starters, he's freakin' huge.

Hasbro Fury Files Green Hulk
I love that he looks like he's just about to burst out of the package! But though he looks good MOC, having him out in the open air is an entirely different matter.

Hasbro Fury Files Green HulkHasbro Fury Files Green Hulk
If you ignore the Michael Jackson similarities some of the more jaded toy collectors are ragging on this fig, Hulk is a half-decent representation of the Jade Giant. The sculpt is beefy without looking cartoony, and the paint job is better than expected, with a very welcome paint wash bringing out the details of the figure. What sucks a bit about ol' Hulk here is his very, very limited articulation.

Hasbro Fury Files Green HulkHasbro Fury Files Green Hulk

Hulk has a swivel neck, so he can't look left or right without looking absolutely retarded. His hip articulation is next to nonexistent, so say goodbye to any thoughts of having Hulk run or jump. His lower body artic is useless for things other than standing legs akimbo. His arms are pretty okay, though, and looks good punching other characters in the face with his meaty fist.

Hasbro Fury Files Green Hulk
Hulk comes with no accessories, save for the Top Secret file every Fury Files figure is enclosed with. Which is okay, since I honestly don't know if anything else can fit with Hulk in there. As for the price, I paid a bit more than usual, since it hasn't hit retail in the Philippines yet, but it's still within range of my capabilities so it's okay!

Hasbro Fury Files Green HulkHasbro Fury Files Green Hulk

But even with all that, the more I look at him, the more I'm growing to like Hulk. Sure he's got that ugly waist swivel and looks like the Gloved One, but he's a welcome addition to the growing Fury Files universe. Like I said, he's a pretty decent representation of Hulk, and kids (whom we shouldn't forget is the target market for these things after all) wouldn't probably mind the useless lower body articulation and would be more than happy to just see him beat up their smaller figs. Besides, seeing him pounding on my poor old Iron Man with a fist bigger than his chest just makes this toy a bit sweeter.

Hasbro Fury Files Green Hulk
Hulk comes with a variant, his Grey Hulk incarnation. They're practically the same sculpt save for having two hands in fists instead of just one. Some specialty stores in Shoppesville, Greenhills have these babies in short supply, so if you want to get into the second wave of Marvel Universe Fury Files early, now's the time to do it!

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