Steam Wars!

Action figures are pretty sweet, but some people find it sweeter in making their own. Now personally, I'm not a big fan of customized action figures, because half the time they look like crap (due to lack of skill, lack of materials or whatever)...but if there had to be a measuring stick to which any customized action fig should be compared, it's the stuff that looks like this:

It's from the mind of a obscenely talented guy named Sillof, and this is his vision of how Star Wars would look like in a steampunk setting. That's right, the guy was so unimpressed by the awesomeness of Star Wars that he decided to reimagine it into something just as (if not more) awesome. In action figure form. Hey, anybody who can make even C-freaking-3PO look badass is a demi-god in my eyes.

And never has Darth Vader looked more terrifying (and more classy) in a French coat and high boots. What's Darth Vader in French, anyway? I bet Sillof knows, and I bet it sounds just as awesome.

These are all customized figures, meaning they were made by taking different parts of other action figures and putting them together to make something else. Guess which figures these guys were made of! (It's sorta easy to guess, if you've been into action figs long enough) But Sillof's real talent lies in his execution...the transition is so seamless, you wouldn't think "Oh, that's Cannonball's head!" Guy's got some real talent, dawg.

Check out more of his stuff on his website (tons of awesome await!). Now I gotta go see if I can scavenge enough of my old figs to build Banzai Girl the way she's supposed to be!

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