More 3.75" Fury Files Reviews!

3 days till Christmas and a blogger's work is never done! Anyway, It seems like everybody's fears about Hasbro's new action figure line, Marvel Universe Fury Files, is slowly being beat down to the ground as the first wave hits stores this month. I've already reviewed Iron Man last time, so now we'll look at my two new hauls, Spider-Man and Silver Surfer.

Hasbro Fury Files Silver SurferHasbro Fury Files Spider-Man
I still don't see what the fanboys see that's so 'zOMG I'm gonna fucking hurl' awful about these, and Fury Files in general, because from what I've seen, they're better looking than expected. The sculpt on Spidey is okay, with the webbing on his costume as sculpted grooves that add a bit of texture to him. The only thing I find lacking is his paint job. Spidey's picture at the back of the pack has a darker blue/bright red colors that I wish this fig had. He's got a pretty dark red on the red portions of his costume, with what looks like a black paint wash to bring out its webbing. The blue portions, however, is a shade of blue lighter than I would have liked. Silver Surfer on the other hand looks pretty impressive, with a great muscular sculpt and a silvery finish that makes the sculpt pop more.

Spidey and Silver Surfer both have enough articulation for a good variety of poses, which is good for guys like Spidey since he's really not the type to be a 'stand still punching people' kind of guy. What bothers me though is that some of the joints, especially in the feet, are looser than I'd like...and I haven't even played with these guys long enough to do that. I just hope it gets fixed in the later waves or we'll see more leanin' figures in the future!

Hasbro Fury Files Spider-Man
As for accessories, Spidey has what seems to be his webbing in mid-...uh...-web, and Silver Surfer only has the only logical accessory he could get: his surfboard. Spidey's web looks cast in opaque plastic while Silver Surfer's board looks comic accurate and is a dull silver compared to his body. Both have the same mini 'Top Secret' file containing some declassified documents and a registration card (I don't remember Silver Surfer registering...). All of these extras go a little way to justify the P500+ price tag...a little. Nah, who am I kiddin'? G.I. Joe figs have more accessories than these guys, and they don't cost more than 400 bucks! I really want to know why!

Anyway...Spider-Man and Silver Surfer are both great figures, and while they didn't reach the level of quality Iron Man has, the fun factor involved makes up for it. Now you can have two big names in the Marvel Universe in your army! From the looks of it, it's with this line that I may get to complete my Mighty Avengers line-up without spending myself dry, so it's all the more becoming my favorite action figure line right now.

Now I'm just waiting for the clear Human Torch variant and I'm all done with this wave. Let's hope it gets here soon, coz I'm practically foaming in the mouth here!

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  1. Great post, I missed this one.

    Surfer I need cause it's a great scale for Galactus.

    And Spidey is a must just to get in any scale, and the planned Goblin looks great. Right on, I too like a darker blue on Spidey. Maybe in future wave? Is the webs sculpted on or just painted? And the black one looks great in the next set.

    I also see people ragging series 1 as garbage, yet I don't see it either. It's no ML, cause I think a bigger scale can capture detail a smaller never can. And this scale is more forgiving for less detail.

    I collected ML since the start, though I had a few to fill in. Best Iron Men of that scale I think are Hulkbuster, House M, series 1 gold variant, and Series 8 armor.

    Back then it was so cheap for what you got, the figure, a comic, a base which got replaced with a build part, a stand, and in some sets a card.

    Now it's a figure, main weapon, and a card. Why not a build figure part for that scale. Or to make bigger characters like Hulk size.

    Also be sure to get some of the Wolverine Origins comic series set, when they hit. It has Deadpool, Maverick and brown Wolverine. Great stuff to find.

  2. Thanks anon! The webs on his costume are sculpted grooves like I said, with a black paint wash that seeps into them to bring them out. Choose carefully though, the wash on others sometimes isn't so nice looking, with black glops on his arms and hands, and sometimes not much wash on his head, making him look empty. But yeah, Surfer looks great with Galactus. I think I've seen some pics to compare scales. I'll try to post a pic of Iron Man in scale with Fin Fang Foom.

    The extras that come with the fig...I miss 'em. I only started collecting just this year, and it's a killer to get the earlier waves. I kind of liked that Toybiz included figure stands. Now there's none...I miss that.

    But yeah, I'll get Wolvie Origins, if only to get Maverick and Wolvie. Hope they put out an Astonishing version. Again, thanks for looking and Happy Holidays!