...and All I Got Was This Awesome Shirt

It's a pretty late post, but it's still pretty cool!

So I went to the 3rd Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair yesterday to check out what's up (For more coverage of the event, check out my good Sir Azrael's blog here!). It was pretty fun, with lots and lots of toys and doodads and doohickeys for everybody. Unfortunately I didn't get to find the fig I was looking for there (Marvel Legends Face-off Captain America was nowhere to be found) but I did find something more awesome.

While I don't consider myself to be a fashion plate, I just found these great geeky shirts, made by the good people of Geekerie. From their official site:

Geekerie is a line of shirts that revels in those things you passionately dig and are unapologetic about it. Are you a sci-fi and fantasy geek? A film connoisseur? A music enthusiast? A hardcore gamer? Then Geekerie is for you.

Jeez that just...dare I say it?...fits me to a T!

So I bought one of their shirts, dubbed the Retcon shirt...probably the coolest shirt I will own right now! They promised to put out more cool designs. The great thing about Geekerie is that the guys are genuinely having fun, and seem to be genuine geeks at heart. I got to chat with them while buying their stuff talking about retcons, comics and other stuff, and sir Azrael was gracious enough to take pictures of me with the cute people at their booth!

The girls and guys of Geekerie with the Beholden Geek.

(from left to right) Geekerie, The Geek, and Mr. Azrael Coladilla!

So all in all it was pretty great. I got a great shirt, got to talk to some fellow geeks, and discovered a clothing line that seems to have been created explicitly to my tastes in fashion. If they put out the shirt, I'll be there to snap them up. And if I may humbly suggest, so should you!

Pictures courtesy of Azrael Coladilla (popazrael.multiply.com)

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  1. hahahah.. astig!!!

    azraelsmerryland.blogspot.com :)

  2. Hi there! Adrian here from Geekerie. It warms our heart that you liked our shirt. There will be more! Thanks for the support.

    Geekerie isn't just a brand. It's our lifestyle. ;) Watch out for more shirts this coming January!